Referencing publications

June 26, 2017

In my work I often have to cite mine or other works in the form of Bibtex references. I end up having a database made of pdfs to be read and continuously checking Google scholar for the Bibtex entries to be used.

I found the program referencer very useful for organizing such publications along with their Bibtex records. Referencer creates an organized database accessible through a nice interface and it retrieves the paper meta data using the main public indexing systems available online. Then, it can export the whole collection as a Bibtex file. It is completely open source and available for *buntu platforms.

I really like it but for the lack of the possibility of exporting only one specific paper Bibtex. Luckily, it is easily extensible so I could create my own plugin that solves the problem.

I forked the entire git repository which is now available on my github profile.