Useful, random links


Italian parliament monitoring website. It contains information on currently under-evaluation laws and statistics on peers.

Academic Positions

PhD, Post-doc and professor open positions all around the globe.

Computing Research Association

Open academic positions in USA.

Eurosys open positions

PhD, Post-doc, professor and engineer open positions world-wide.


User-made database of open conferences all around the world.

Conference Ranking Viewer

Visualize Microsoft Academic’s conference ranking. Several scientific areas are available, conference are displayed according to their ranking.

Conference Explorer

Open-call conference visualizer, with respect to the geographic position. It is currently not working, though…

H2020 Participant Portal

Explore funding opportunities for European researchers. Specifically pointing at the horizon 2020 framework programme.

CORDIS portal (Community Research and Development Information Service)

News from the European funding programmes world. It should also provide information on the ongoing European projects (deliverables, deadlines, etc…).